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Lesson 2 Literacy Games — fun to play, simple to use!

Learning to read can be hard work and it is a great idea to have a fun way to practice new skills. These literacy games have been written for just that exact purpose. Each game contains:

  • Base boards or cards
  • Labels to glue to the front of the folder, plastic sleeve or shoe box you use for storing the game.
  • Worksheet for reviewing progress
  • Instructions

We recommend that you print the game materials in color, double-sided and laminate them for durability. The games are designed to be used by up to 6 players and target different literacy skills. They are fun to play and simple to use.

Game preparation

Dog Bites

Focus: identify medial sounds in consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words
  1. Print and laminate the 5 pages of hotdogs then cut out each one into three cards.
  2. Print, laminate and then cut out the 15 mouth and letter cards.
  3. You will need 15 plastic or wooden clothes pegs.
  4. Attach a mouth card to one side of the peg and a letter card to the opposite side. Make sure the rounded part is at the bottom so it can be attached to the gap on the hot dog to complete the word.
  5. Print the instructions page and label, then glue them to a storage box.
  6. Print the worksheet

Juggling Clown

Focus: matching images to consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words
  1. Print and laminate the 6 base boards (each one features different words).
  2. Print, laminate and then cut out the Juggling Balls.
  3. Print the instructions page and label, then glue them to the plastic storage sleeve.
  4. Print the worksheet.
About the author

Belinda Howell is an experienced classroom teacher who has successfully used games as a teaching tool. She has found that being able to share and show off new skills in a fun environment are great motivators for students of all ages.

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