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My child cannot read. I do not have any money to pay for help. Are there any free learning programs for him? He is 4 years old, and I would like for him to know something when he goes to school. Help with ABC’s, 123, colors, shapes—please help me and my 4-year-old.

Yes, there is much out there that is free and available to help with your early childhood learning needs. The Internet is a great source. Sites like familyfun.com have fun, creative activities that teach preschool skills. Also, there are several great links that you can find while at their site. The library is another great source. They will have resource material on Early Childhood development, and they have great children’s music that often teaches the alphabet letters and sounds, colors, numbers, shapes, etc. Don’t forget to pick up some great picture books to read with your child while you’re there. At home, you can spend time helping him learn to write his name, cut with child-safe scissors, and identify alphabet letters and sounds around the house by playing games, etc. For additional help and not a lot of money, look in your phone book for a local school supply store or teacher supply store. There are many wonderful workbooks available for only a few dollars each that can help with pre-kindergarten skills. Good luck and have fun working with your child.

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