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Slow Learner in Preschool

In my son’s preschool class, his teachers had concerns of him being a slow learner. Will a phonics program help him develop the skills to be a successful Kindergartner? He can recognize the letters in his name and a couple of others. I would love to give him an advantage of being a beginning reader before kindergarten.

I have used phonics in my preschool class for several years. I have had great success with teaching children this age to read. 99% of my 4 and 5-year-old’s are reading on or around a first grade level when they leave my classroom and head for Kindergarten. I don’t have all super-genius children in my class or school, just a normal mix of bright, average, and below average learners. I think you would be well pleased with a phonics program and it would help him tremendously as he enters kindergarten. I’ve seen it work so well for so many children of all abilities. Have fun learning with your child.

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