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Hearing Impaired

My son is 7 and in the 2 grade. He’s in regular education and up until now he has been doing okay. He has 35% hearing loss in both ears and wears hearing aids and now he’s having trouble in comprehension and rhyming words which are some of the things that happen with a hearing impaired child. Do you recommend anything that is for a hearing impaired child?

Most phonics programs are reading programs designed for young children, but it does require that they have nominal hearing skills, as well as the teacher being able to pronounce things clearly and effectively for the child to hear how each sound really goes. There is also quite a bit of music involved that reiterates what the teacher has taught. Nothing specific about the program is tailored for the hearing impaired. There is an interesting company/family in my area that started using sign language as a normal method of communicating even with their hearing children. I think you might be able to get some very helpful information from them if you contact them. It is quite a remarkable story, and they have some products that may be useful to your family and situation. Their website is www.signingtime.com. Best of luck to you.

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