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My child is 13 1/2 and autistic. Will a Phonics program work?

In my school we have used phonics with autistic kids and have had tremendous success. I need to clarify that these kids were mildly autistic and many of them were involved with a “shadow” who could help keep them focused in a mainstream classroom. But the principles are simple enough for many of them to grasp. In many cases, it took extra work on the parts of the parents/shadows, but they all grasped the concepts of sounds and blending those sounds into words, and applying those words to reading. Because of their varied levels of autism, each child learned it at different times, but it was still an amazing thing to see. We could teach these children to read with this program. I don’t know at what age or ability level your child is with their language development, but it’s been my experience as a teacher who has worked with several of these children in a regular classroom setting that a phonics program can really help them grasp the concepts of reading.

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