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2-year-old Concentration

My 2-year-old does not want to sit still while I am reading to my 3-year-old. Should I make her sit still or is she still listening and learning while she is playing? Should I let my 3-year-old hold and turn the pages before I am done with the page I am on? Sometimes she knows what is on the other page, and she wants to read it. Should I go ahead and let her, or should I tell her to finish the first one now, then the other?

Thanks for writing. Your children sound darling. Showing a lack of interest or having a short attention span with blending or reading is a fairly good indication that children don’t quite get the connection between knowing the letters and applying the letters. Every child develops language skills at a different pace. It’s important to allow for that difference in growth. That way reading will be fun, and not a chore.

Keep working with the letters and sounds and finding fun ways to recognize them in words. Work on blending for just a few minutes a day and when she starts to act confused or lose interest, stop. Congratulate her on her progress and pick it up another day. Only work for a few minutes (5-10) per day. As a rule of thumb, children have about as long an attention span as they are old. Your two-year-old will absorb many of the ideas and concepts as he/she sits by playing. Two and three are quite young to be working on reading concepts, so proceed slowly. If they lose interest, back off and let their interest be your guide. Keep it short and sweet. Using the Phonics programs that have music is a very good thing to use at these tender ages. I would recommend that you finish the page she’s on before you let her move on. If she only wants to go one page at a time, that’s fine. She’s very young and has lots of time to figure this all out. Best of luck.

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