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Learning Disabilities

  Good news is that research and findings are on-going. There is a great awareness now, like no other era has seen, of learning disabilities and how to help students-and adults-overcome them. The data currently available shows that as many as 2 of every 10 Americans have some kind of learning disability. This ratio translates to just about 3 million children who suffer from a diminished ability to learn certain subjects.

  Most of these children will not be diagnosed with a learning disability until they are enrolled in public school. Partly, this is because little or no testing is done until a child reaches school age. Another possible reason so many are diagnosed at this point is that school is the very thing that brings out these disabilities. Elementary school, where the focus is on so many vital subjects, soon shows these problems. The weak areas may be in hearing/listening, oral activities such as speech, cognitive sections when reasoning is necessary, or the basic reading, writing and mathematics categories.

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  There are many things parents can do to ease the pain and frustration of a child’s learning disability. First of all, the more you know about the particular focus of struggle for your child, the better help you can be to the child. Be positive. Be sure to praise the child’s accomplishments, while still showing you know the child can reach just a little higher. This will give your child confidence to keep trying. Know your child’s teachers and staff. Meet with them and discuss ways you can form a team to help your child succeed.

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